At the Miniature’s Den we work on your models with utmost care at every step, from assembly to shipping, you can be sure your models will be treated in the best way possible to ensure a high quality paintjob and a safe shipping.

When working on a model we take care of everything. Our prices INCLUDE all costs of assembly, basing and shipping, so you won’t feel fooled by hidden costs.

We also offer bonus add-ons you can choose when scheduling a commission with us, such a plinth basing, freehands and backdrops.

When ordering a commission we ask for 50% of the total commission cost as a non-refundable fee in order to safely schedule the commission and avoid scammers that might make us waste precious time (in case of big commissions we accept 25% instead of 50%).

Due to our long commission queue, our prices are kept low so that you gain value from your waiting. While it might take a little while before we get to paint your models, rest assured you paid MUCH less than you should have in order to make up for the wait. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see the painting process happen live on our twitch channel.

Anja Boxart for Aradia Miniatures
Morgwaeth's Blade-coven from Warhammer Underworlds


Recommended for: Infantry, Horde Armies, Lower budget Armies & Warbands

This is what I’d consider my high tabletop level. It’s named “Display” since any model painted at this level could easily be considered a very high quality paintjob worthy of display.
At this level I will paint your models using high quality TMM or NMM, based on your preference, as well as all the techniques needed to make sure the paintjob looks striking from both far and close. All details will have at least 3 colors in them while some more important ones will have up to 6 colors applied to them.

Death Knight Avenger from Black Sun Miniatures


Recommended for: Elite Units, Larger Models, Higher Budget Armies and Warbands, Collection Pieces

This level is dedicated to paintjobs done at the highest standard
I will make sure the model will be something worth being proud of, both for you and me. 

There isn’t really any “rule” to the number of colors used here, I will simply do my absolute best in painting the model as well as possible, taking all the time needed to do so.


Here at the Miniature’s Den we do things slightly differently from other commission painting Studios. We like painting models to a very high standard of quality to the point where our lower tier, Display, is as good if not better than most highest tiers available elsewhere.

When working on a Display commission we clean and assemble the models with full care and paint them to a level worthy of the Display Cabinet.

The typical Display paintjob include high quality painting of all details with realistic True Metallic Metals painted using the Non Metallic Metal light and shadow theory or even using Non Metallic Metal, if required. Every detail will have at least three colors on it, usually more. 


Our Competition Quality does exactly what the name implies: we paint the model to a standard worthy of a painting competition. We will work on the model as long as it takes to make sure we have made it as beautiful as possible, using all techniques available in our toolbox and painting the metals in Non Metallic Metal.

We don’t have a predetermined number of colors to use on every detail nor a “ruleset” to follow when painting this quality, the objective is to turn a miniature into a work of Art of the highest quality possible.


Based on height (from the base to the top of the model) price can vary based on the amount of details on the model and how large it is. It’s always better to directly ask for a quote if you want to have a clear price for your model(s) .

Less than 40mm (starting price) €40 £34 $47€80 £69 $95
40mm (starting price) €50 £43 $60€100 £86 $119
54mm (starting price) €60 £51 $71€120 £103 $143
75mm (starting price) ND ND ND€350 £301 $417
Larger than 75mm (starting price) ND ND ND€400 £344 $476


Witchhorn from Mindwork Games

Your models will be packed with the best care. After completing a commission we wrap the model in toilet paper so that it touches a non-abrasive surface and the paintjob is preserved during shipping. We then wrap it in bubble wrap and put in in a plastic box. We secure the model to the plastic box so that it doesn’t move during shipping using paper tape as well as poster putty, if necessary, and we then put the plastic box in another box, surrounding it with newspaper to absorb any impact.

We don’t take responsibility for models that might arrive broken as we have done everything to make sure the model arrives safely.

We can ensure the package if the customer wants to. 

We accept Paypal and International Bank Transfers.


Yes, they are!

Yes, I ship anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately not, since it’s impossible to predict if custom fees will be applied or not. Customs fees are not money directed to me, so I have no control over them.

Yes, without any problem. I love working on single models.

Paypal and Bank Transfers.

For smaller commissions the payment is split in two: 50% when the commission is scheduled (non refundable) and the other 50% at commission completion. 
In case of big commissions I also accept smaller monthly payments, just ask and we’ll find a solution together.

I can but I usually don’t like working on a deadline unless it’s for companies. 

You will have to send me the models, but you can also simply purchase them from a trusted retailer and get them shipped to my address, so it can be cheaper for you than shipping the models. 

I’d love to! I have many tutoring plans available at Patreon


To request a specific quote or if you have any other request, please fill out the form below. We will answer you as soon as possible!

You can also email us at [email protected] or write us on Facebook.